Modern labeling

1Bastien Combeau, 1Loïc Bezulier, 2Irena Bates

1 Grenoble INP - Pagora,
2 Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Grafički fakultet u Zagrebu


The label printing is done by printing the printing substrate on the opposite side, so that the label can be applied to the packaging. Printed labels are displayed on their packaging, bottles and other retail products to influence on the consumer. Labels promote the product, identify the product, and sometimes protect the product. Through the appearance and shape of the label it is possible to create a positive and negative impression of the product and the manufacturer. In this paper, four modern labeling techniques are presented. Advantages and disadvantages are exposed to provide a overview of each technique. A detailed analyze was also made concerning used substrates and, therefore, some environmental conclusions were necessary to position each technique in the current global context.
Key words: environmental friendly, label, modern, packaging, printing techniques